Collection Monte do Vilar

Vila Galé Collection

Boutique agrotourism hotel

In the heart of Alentejo

Promising a peaceful, relaxing, and romantic environment, Vila Galé Collection Monte do Vilar is an agrotourism unit near Beja, integrated in a 1,620-hectare estate.

Designed for people over 16 years of age, allows you to enjoy the calmness of the landscape, the rurality, the communion with nature, and outdoor activities such as hiking, picnics, and ecotourism.

In addition, this agrotourism hotel in Beja offers a unique concept allied to wine tourism, given the proximity of the Santa Vitória vineyards, cellar, and wine press, which offer guided tours and tastings.

The Inevitável restaurant serves the best local gastronomy, which can be combined with the best regional smoked sausages, cheeses, and wines.

Vila Galé Collection Monte do Vilar, themed around the main monuments of Alentejo, also features an outdoor swimming pool, two events halls, and two meeting rooms.


Event Rooms Natural sunlight Area Door Height School Audience U-shaped table Reception Banquet Cabaret



134 m2

1,99 m









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