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As one of the most ancient cities in the country, of over 2,000 years, Braga combines the traditional and the modern to perfection, providing a journey through history and architecture of various eras. In this northern city of Portugal, the heart of the Minho region, one may observe remains of Roman times (when it was called Bracara Augusta, honoring emperor Augustus). But one may also visit the country’s first Cathedral, which was ordered to be built in the twelfth century. Or visit the municipal stadium of Braga, designed by Eduardo Souto Moura, an architect distinguished with the Pritzker Prize in 2011.

An indispensable city in the religious tourism route – it is a must to climb up to Bom Jesus do Monte by foot, for the bravest, or by taking on the picturesque funicular from 1882, the first in the Iberian Peninsula - Braga is famous for its many churches and sanctuaries, for its religious art, for its baroque inspiration and its historical center. Full of life throughout the year, this city retains a youthful and vibrant spirit, thanks to the student atmosphere, the university center and its technological vibrancy - in fact, this is where the Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory is set. Not to mention its cultural richness, countless annual events and the local gastronomy, particularly the Frigideiras (meat puff pastry mini-pies), Braga-style Cod, papas de Sarrabulho (shredded pork stew in a curdled blood gravy), roast kid, Abade de Priscos Pudding or the irresistible biscuits Fidalguinhos.

Devoted to the history of convents and the founding of Portugal, this unit integrates the Collection concept, distinguished by its quality service. Vila Galé Collection Braga is born from the rehabilitation of the former São Marcos hospital, a building of public interest, dating from 1508 and built where there used to be a hermitage devoted to São Marcos, a hostel and a Templar convent. Respecting the building’s historical and architectural side, this hotel maintains the existing structure and recovers elements such as the original vaulted ceilings.

Event Rooms Natural sunlight Area Door Height School Audience U-Form Reception Banquet Cabaret
D. Afonso Henriques Yes 330 m2 1,6 m 3,50 m 96 300 45 270 200 80
Ponte de Lima Yes 30 m2 1,6 m 2,30 m 15 25 21 - - -
Viana do Castelo Yes 36 m2 1,6 m 2,29 m 24 36 21 20 - -
Guimarães No 61 m2 1,6m 2,52 m 36 48 25 20 40 20
Braga Yes 60 m2 1,6 m 2,39 m 36 55 27 55 40 20
Carlos Amarante Yes 67 m2 0.8 m 3 m 42 70 45 100 50 14
André Soares Yes 112 m2 2,6 m 3,55 m 63 144 36 120 80 42
D. Rodrigo Moura Teles Yes 74 m2 0,8 m 4 m 42 80 36 100 50 14

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