The hotel Vila Galé Évora opened in May 2015 and is located beneath the walls of this city in Alentejo, only two minutes away from the historic center.

Dedicated to the Alentejo culture, this hotel in Évora allows you to feel the region’s tradition and history as soon as you enter it. The Alentejo Cante, acknowledged as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, and the Muslim heritage of the Al Andaluz kingdom inspire the decor. The equestrian art is also pictured in the Vila Galé Évora hotel, as a result of a partnership with the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art of Alter do Chão (EPAE). Therefore, during your stay take the opportunity to stroll around the hotel and observe the pictures, the lyrics of the Alentejo modas (songs) written on the walls and the typical horse riders’ costumes.

Featuring 185 spacious and modern rooms and suites - find out about the chromatic surprise that we prepared for you to relax deeply - the Vila Galé Évora hotel also has two restaurants, a bar, an outdoor pool for adults and children, with water slides. The Satsanga spa with a medical side and exclusive treatments with the region’s natural products, the heated indoor pool, sauna and Turkish bath are some of the other amenities the hotel has to offer.

For the business segment, the Vila Galé Évora hotel has a well-equipped convention center available, featuring four halls.

While you are in this hotel in Évora, besides being located almost in front of the express bus station, within a short walk you can reach the famous Giraldo square, enlivened by its terraces and arcades. And then stroll along the picturesque Évora alleys and squares, acknowledged as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, passing by the Roman Temple and the Chapel of Bones (Capela dos Ossos) in the São Francisco Church, as well as the Água de Prata Aqueduct. But don’t miss the Cathedral either, the largest medieval cathedral of Portugal, and the university. Then, have fun in some of the several restaurants and bars, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of this city that is also student city.

In the surroundings of this hotel in Évora, you may visit the Escoural Cave, with its Paleolithic engravings dating back to 25,000 BC, the Cromlech of the Almendres, the most important megalithic complex in the Iberian Peninsula, and one of the largest in Europe; or the Monsaraz Castle, the Estremoz Castle and Palace of Vila Viçosa.


Event Rooms Natural sunlight Area Door Height School Audience U-shaped table Reception Banquet Cabaret
Alter Real + Lusitano Yes 360 m2 1,58 m/1,70 m 4.7 m 224 410 92 340 290 174
Garrano Yes 115 m2 1,58 m/1,70 m 4.7 m 84 115 50 120 80 48
(Alter Real + Lusitano + Garrano)
Yes 475 m2 1,58 m/1,70 m 4.7 m 268 550 124 440 400 240
Alter Real Yes 240 m2 1,58 m/1,70 m 4.7 m 170 260 70 225 200 120
Lusitano + Garrano Yes 235 m2 1,58 m/1,70 m 4.7 m 162 240 54 204 200 100
Andrade No 50 m2 1,58 m 2.4 m 20 45 25 45 40 24
Veiga (Biblioteca) No 51 m2 1,58 m 2.4 m 22 45 25 45 40 24
Sorraia Yes 123 m2 - 2.4 m 84 125 58 120 80 48


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